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SJFC is ISO 9002 certified manufacturer
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Shree Jagannath Ferro Casting
Quality Cast Iron, Gray Iron Products from India



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"Quality Cast Iron, Gray Iron Products from India"

Shree Jagannath Ferro Casting  was established in 1979 and is well  known in the grey iron casting industry.

Our Mission

Rigidly  follow  ISO  laid  down  quality  assurance program till we achieve the recognition as the best performer.

About us

SJFC  uses  the  best  quality  raw  materials  for  its manufacturing process.

SJFC  has 2  big  foundries  with  a  total  installed  capacity of 27725 metric tonnes per year.

SJFC carries a large inventory of its standard products which are available at any time.

SJFC  caters to the Indian  Standard  IS 1726:1974, British Standard BS:497: Part  I: 1976,  US  Standard  ASTM: A-48/70,  German  Standard  DIN  1691, Australian Standard and can also manufacture as per client's own specifications.

SJFC follows ISO 9000 norms and assures a stringent  quality control of all its products and processes.

SJFC is always at the service of its customers.

Within India:
Shree Jagannath Ferro Casting
P-15, Bentinck Street, 3rd Floor
Calcutta 700 001 INDIA
Tel: +91-33-22366165/7924/7925/
Fax: +91-33-22363976
K. P. Agarwala and Co.
P-15, Bentinck Street, 3rd Floor
Calcutta 700 001 INDIA.
Tel: +91-33-22366165/7924/7925/
Fax: +91-33-22363976

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